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Hi, I’m Nicole! I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) specializing in sports nutrition, gut and hormonal health. As a Media Dietitian, Spokeswoman, Brand Consultant, Dieting Specialist & Coach, I use evidence-based practices and scientific application to combat misinformation commonly served in the media and to ensure results with my clients. The work I do with my business contracts and coaching clients provides the necessary tools and truths crucial to building a successful body and brand.

Individuals who work through my programs will go beyond what is in the fridge and focus on working on the core underlying issues related to food. Rather than unrealistic diet regimens or aggressive routines, we focus on real-life nutritional applications tailored to fit their lifestyles and fitness goals. Once acclimated, we work to improve health, scale activity levels, integrate new techniques, calculate nutritional intake, and break down macros and micros, all while teaching the tools to maintain personal peak performance.

Nicole Ibarra, Media Fitness Registered Dietitian & Entrepreneur

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