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Nutrition Coaching

Extended one-on-one coaching to help you transform your body, mindset, & confidence

What is Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition Coaching is individualized professional guidance from a Registered Dietitian (RD) in nutrition and eating habits to achieve a specific wellness or fitness goal. Initially, we will first do a comprehensive assessment of your medical history, lab testing, medications, supplements, diet, lifestyle, and overall health status. Based on your needs, we will work to set achievable goals and milestones for you over the course of your journey that will ultimately lead to a healthy sustainable physique. Some areas include:

-Specific Weight Loss or Body Composition Goals

-Relationship with Food

-Gut Health & GI conditions

-Hormonal Health (PCOS, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, perimenopause)

-Performance Nutrition & Conditioning

-Any Nutrition-Related Health Condition

Our signature programs take an evidence-based approach proven to show sustainable healthy change in your body composition and relationship with food to help make a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

Who is Nutrition Coaching For?

Knowing what to do and doing it consistently with the correct steps are two very different things. We are here to help you beat any challenge you face from a medical diagnosis, digestive health, weight management, or an athlete looking to optimize performance. At Altitude Nutrition & Fitness, we go beyond nutrition coaching by providing insight and in-depth discussion on your specific challenges. You get customized guidance, coaching, accountability, unique nutrition insights and targets to hit. Our team will help give you the resources, evidence-based information alongside education for daily application in your life to achieve your specific wellness or fitness goal to maintain a healthy and sustainable physique.

Shape Up with Macros: Meal Prep for Success

The Shape Up with Macros: Meal Prep for Success Program provides you with all the education on core nutrients necessary for building a healthy diet while providing the accountability to institute healthy lifestyle change. This online course is designed to help you see weight loss and positive eating changes while instituting lifelong eating habits in order to maintain a healthy life. The self-paced course will equip you with an understanding of how to compose healthy meals, an understanding of different nutrients with how it affects the body, what macros you should have, and revolutionize the way you approach nutrition to meal prep like a pro!


  • Four weeks of educational modules
  • Access to a personal health app with capability to connect Smartwatch
  • A digital workbook
  • Access to nutrition resources
  • Email and messaging access for support
  • Detailed nutrition insights
  • Personalized recipe and meal plans (if desired)
Nicole Ibarra, Media Fitness Registered Dietitian & Entrepreneur

Thrive Program

This program is designed to ensure you THRIVE. Thrive is for the induvial who has attempted to make body composition changes but has not had long term success or has experienced relapses in progress. Here we will address deeper issues related to food, how to handle stress and working with stress, overall health and personal well-being all along with long term accountability from an expert in the wellness space. Together we are going to address the complexities in order to help you THRIVE for the rest of your life!


  • 16 weeks of educational videos and modules
  • Access to a personal health app with capability to connect to Smartwatch
  • 1:1 Coaching sessions
  • A digital workbook
  • Access to nutrition and fitness resources
  • Email and messaging between sessions for support
  • Weight and meal tracker
  • Personalized recipe and meal plan access (if desired)
  • Workout plan
Nicole Ibarra, Media Fitness Registered Dietitian & Entrepreneur